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Simon Fraser University Faculty of Business Administration 1 / 4 BUS 237 Assignment 2: Designing a Retail Display Learning Objectives: The purpose of this assignment is to give you experience using a range of software productivity tools to address a realistic business task. The task is to create a visual layout for a novel retail concept. After completing this assignment you will have learned how to build a model calculating gross margin and contribution for a retail space. You will use MS Access to get sales information for a range of products, MS Excel to calculate the profitability of each product, and MS Visio to create a layout for the products given a fixed amount of display space. Finally, you will use MS Word to bring all the elements of your analysis together into a coherent and professional report. Scenario: You are an associate manager at Finike , a large Scandinavian retail store specializing in products for the home. Finike is going to put all of the items in the store on sale. You have been given the task of determining the retail display layout and product mix for this sale. The available display area is provided in Figure 1 below. Your job is first to choose which items provided in the database you want to sell. The Project Manager (your boss) has told you that ten is the magic number—there must be exactly ten different product types displayed in order to draw the interest of consumers. Once you have chosen the items, you need to position the chosen items so that they fit into the display area provided for you. The dimensions of the display area are provided in Figure 1 below. Figure 1: Display Area (Looking down – “Bird's Eye” View) You should consider three things when making the choice of your product items: 1. The contribution of the item to overall profitability of the space. 2. The “ theme ” of the space and how the item fits into the theme. For example, you might choose a “ Very Friendly Halloween ” theme or “ Skiing in June ” theme. 3. The size dimensions of the items. 3.0 meters 3.0 meters Notes : You can make use of shelving and other props in the space. All of your chosen items must be displayed in the space. You are welcome to use duplicates of the item in the space. Items must be contained in the display area and should not spill out past the borders. The height of the display area is 2.5 meters . This is a wall This is also a wall This is an aisle that people will use to walk by
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Simon Fraser University Faculty of Business Administration 2 / 4 Background: Any retail business must display goods in order to sell. The art in developing effective retail management is utilizing the space in the store in order to display items that provide the largest contribution to overall profit. The more effectively the retail spaces are organized, the more the space contributes to overall profitability. One of the most important decisions in developing effective retail designs is how best to present goods to the consumer. Retailers attempt to draw maximum
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237 assignment 2 - Simon Fraser University Faculty of...

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