237-L01-6up - Agenda Introduction to the Course BUS 237...

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BUS 237 1 Lecture 1: Foundations BUS 237 Information Systems in Business BUS 237 Agenda Introduction to the Course Lectures Labs Grading MyMISLab WebCT Chapter 1: MIS and You BUS 237 2 Course Introduction and Expectations BUS 237 Who Am I? Zorana Svedic Office WMX 3317 Phone 778.782.3473 Email [email protected] type BUS 237 in the Subject line OR via WebCT Mail (not checked frequently) Office Hours Wednesdays ~ 4:00 PM 5:00 PM Background Industry 15+ years of Information Systems Experience Educational Technology Manager Consulting and Training (Project Management and Product Design/Development) Founder , Big Z Productions Ltd Education MBA (Management of Technology) PhD Candidate (MIS Human Computer Interaction) BUS 237 4 A Way of Thinking About Courses Courses can generally be categorized into one of three types Foundation A base for future learning Pillar (Core & Elective) Develop vertical knowledge Capstone Integration / Synthesis This is mainly a foundation course BUS 237 5 BUS 237 and the MIS Program BUS 237 6 100, 200 300 400 BUS 464 Corporate Databases and IS Audit BUS 361 Project Management BUS 362 IS Business Process Analysis BUS 466 Web Enabled Business BUS 237 Introduction to MIS BUS 462 Business Intelligence BUS 49X Specialized / Ad Hoc / Developmental Courses BUS 468 Creating Business Value through Information Systems
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BUS 237 2 Objectives of BUS 237 The main objectives of the course To learn more about the Information Technology (IT) installed in businesses To learn more about how IT is used to create value in businesses To understand more about how organizations manage their IT resources To understand more about the careers and roles of people involved in information technology BUS 237 7 Desired End-State Business Technology Literacy Knowledge / primary understanding of how information systems, hardware, software, data and networks function and can be effectively and efficiently applied by individuals, groups, and organizations. Being technologically literate is knowing what questions to ask . Ira Flatow BUS 237 8 Defining our Learning Environment Instructor’s Role Provide a stimulating environment for learning Communicate knowledge effectively Provide, when possible, engaging exercises that require application of knowledge Not demotivate students Student’s Role Engage in the learning process Provide instructor and students with a professional atmosphere in which to learn Contribute to the group environment BUS 237 9 Defining our Learning Environment Some Basic Rules of Engagement No cell phones during class, no distracting computing.
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237-L01-6up - Agenda Introduction to the Course BUS 237...

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