237-L02-6up - BUS 237 1 Lecture 2 Business Processes...

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Unformatted text preview: BUS 237 1 Lecture 2: Business Processes, Information and Decision Making BUS 237 Information Systems in Business BUS 237 BUS 237 Agenda • Administration • Email vs. WebCT Discussions • Use email for specific individual questions • Include BUS237 in the Subject • Provide background information ~ assume I am intelligent but ignorant • Use WebCT Discussions for general questions • Post your Student Introduction • Complete Plagiarism Tutorial and Quizzes by end of Friday • Complete Practice Quiz • Quiz #1 Due BEFORE Next Lecture!!! • Questions? • Introduction to Business Processes • Introduction to Information • Business Processes to support decision making BUS 237 2 BUS 237 3 This Could Happen to You • Question: • Why is “Creating a Facebook page” one of the six worst things you can do when finding a job? • Take a 2 minutes and talk about this with the people around you. • Can you make your Facebook page an asset for your job search? Questions to Consider Q1. How did this stuff get here? Q2. What is a business process? Q3. What are the components? Q4. What is information? Q5. What is the role of Information in BP? Q6. How do Info. systems support BP? Q7. How do Info. systems support decision making? BUS 237 4 BUS 237 5 Q1. How did this stuff get here? • How did we all meet in this room today? • Who unlocked the door? • Who turned on the lights? • Who set up the projector? • Who made sure there were more seats than students? • Who made sure someone was teaching the course? • Who made sure there were textbooks in the store? • We are surrounded by business processes. • Understanding how things work helps us to make us more valuable members of the economy. BUS 237 6 Q2. What is a Business Process? • A Business Process describes a set of activities that are necessary to complete a response to a stimulus applied to an organization BUS 237 6 stimulus response set of activities Customer orders products Employee picks the products from Inventory Products are delivered to customer BUS 237 2 BUS 237 7 Business Process - A Response • The response is the action(s) that the organization takes as a result of the stimulus • For example: • ship product to customer because customer bought it • update inventory because a shipment changed the inventory status • All of the activities required to recognize the stimulus and develop and implement the final responses are called the business process BUS 237 7 BUS 237 8 Business Process Example Stimulus: • customer request • supplier shipment • management directive • information about competitor Example Response: • ship product • update inventory • create committee • develop new marketing BUS 237 8 Business Process BUS 237 9 Examples of Business Processes • Routine business processes: • fulfilling customer order • receiving shipment for inventory • reviewing loan applications • creating a two week payroll • More complex business processes:...
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237-L02-6up - BUS 237 1 Lecture 2 Business Processes...

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