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Simon Fraser University Faculty of Business Administration 1 / 4 BUS 237 Assignment 1: Selection of a Computer System Due Date/Time: Check WebCT Assignments for the due date/time for your section! Submission Instructions: This assignment is to be submitted online, using the WebCT Assignments tool. Attach your completed assignment and the grading key with your Name and Student Number typed in. The grading key ( As1_Key.doc ) is included in the assignment package. Note: with this and all online assignments, please use the following fonts only: Arial, Times New Roman, and Tahoma. This is very important to avoid display inconsistencies leading to unnecessary grading penalties. Purpose: After completing this assignment, you will understand microcomputer systems well enough to differentiate between the features you need and those that are superfluous. You will also be able to organize detailed information into a clear and useful report, in a format that is appropriate for the business world. Key Concepts: The nature of a system (and not just the physical machine); identification of software and hardware requirements; evaluation of alternative systems; tradeoffs ; and report writing skills . General Background: The world of computers can be complex and changes rapidly. Many small businesses and individuals think that a computer system could improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Configuring and selecting a computer system is not a simple task. Often, there is no easy way to "test drive" alternative systems in a typical business setting. For this reason, a careful analysis is necessary before a system can be purchased. This assignment requires that you to do a little research. Scenario: You are working part-time as a computer sales person in a computer and networks retailer on SFU campus. Your main job is to market personal computers to undergraduate business students. Students have different purchasing budgets, and may afford either, low ($500), medium ($1,800), or high ($3,000) priced computers. You have been asked to find the star selling computer for the Fall 2010 that is medium priced and able to meet student's typical needs for studying, part-time employment, and entertainment. In order to attract a range of customers, you need to assure that the technical features of the computer accommodate the different needs of students who tend to store a lot of large images and photographs.
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Simon Fraser University Faculty of Business Administration 2 / 4 Directions: Identify and recommend two computers, one desktop and one laptop , with configurations that meet the set of requirements. The supplier or suppliers that you select may be local computer stores or mail-order operators (if using a US supplier , convert all costs to CANADIAN). Your supplier cannot be the SFU Microcomputer Store, but educational pricing can be used when available (check other campuses and
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bus237 assignment - Simon Fraser University Faculty of...

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