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Finning Int'l_Note

Finning Int'l_Note - Re ve nue Re c o g nitio n Revenue...

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Revenue Recognition Revenue recognition, with the exception of cash sales, occurs when there is a written arrangement in the form of a contract or purchase order with the customer, a fixed or determinable sales price is established with the customer, performance requirements are achieved, and ultimate collection of the revenue is reasonably assured. Revenue is recognized as performance requirements are achieved in accordance with the following: Revenue from sales of equipment is recognized at the time title to the equipment and significant risks of ownership passes to the customer, which is generally at the time of shipment of the product to the customer; Revenue from sales of equipment includes construction contracts with customers that involve the design, installation, and assembly of power and energy equipment systems. Revenue is recognized on a percentage of completion basis proportionate to the work that has been completed which is based on associated costs incurred; Revenue from
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