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237 - SFU Business 237 D100 YaKun Yu 301158881...

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TA's name: Carlo Inigo Tutorial section: D103 SFU Business 237 D100 YaKun Yu 301158881 [email protected]
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Cloud computing provide computing as a service instead of an actual product. It is based on the Internet by share software, hardware and application through the Internet. The article “Here Come the Cloud Cartels” which from “The New York Time” on the January 30, 2012 by talked about which kind of cartels will deliver business computing, and how should business respond. (Hardy, 2012) Currently most of the computing activity is based on proving computer hardware and software, in the “Here Come the Cloud Cartels” based on its business and technology outlook for 2020, in the future the cloud computing will be developed much faster than what we thought about now. (Hardy, 2012) The reason for this is it will offer cheap computing, because cloud computing can share software, hardware and so on, so the price paid for cloud computing is much lower and it is cheaper for maintenance as well.
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