251E1(12-1)Homework (1)

251E1(12-1)Homework (1) - No homework due 3 January 25 1-37...

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SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY BEEDIE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS FACULTY OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BUS 251 – Financial Accounting I E1 (12-1) Anne Macdonald HOMEWORK QUESTIONS - are to be completed each week, before your tutorial. Homework may be checked for completeness, or you may be required to hand in selected questions. For homework which is not collected, solutions will be posted on the Bus 251 E1 course website on Thursdays, after that week’s tutorials are finished. All questions are from the 6th edition of the textbook : Hoskin, Fizzell & Cherry, Financial Accounting A User Perspective , 6 th Canadian ed., John Wiley & Sons Canada, Ltd: 2011. The questions are found at the back of each chapter. For example, 1-37, refers to question 37 at the end of chapter 1. WEEK TUTORIAL DATES ASSIGNED QUESTIONS – should be completed and brought to tutorial 1 No tutorials in the first week of class. No homework. 2 January 18
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Unformatted text preview: No homework due. 3 January 25 1-37, 1-40, 1-60, 2-27, 2-33 Although we have not yet started Ch.2 in the lecture, you should have read this by now. The second assigned question from Ch.2 deals with the format and presentation of financial statements – a topic we discussed in the Ch.1 slides. Do your best with 2-27, remembering the most important thing is to ‘balance’ each transaction, maintaining the equality: Assets = Liabilities + Shareholders’ equity. For 2-33, do not worry if your statement of financial position in part c), does not balance (assets ≠ liabilities + shareholders’ equity). It should be ‘in balance’ - but the goal of the question is to demonstrate an understanding of the content and construction of the financial statements. If you are not balanced, you will find your error when you review the posted solution (available Thurs Jan 26 th )....
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251E1(12-1)Homework (1) - No homework due 3 January 25 1-37...

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