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The article “Joomla upgraded with new search, database options” by Joab Jackson was published in the itbusiness.ca . The main purpose of such article is that compare the difference between the Joomla(Internet service company) sorely relying on single database during the past and itself after several dramatic improvements. A typical example to support my point of view is that the new search engine. It is manifest that the company no longer operate internet service sorely base on the single base within one way direction, which I mean manager or operator lack the ability to communicate with clients, Instead, company benefit from the upgrade which built in such a way that users can run various SQL commands at the same time within different database, moreover, advanced PHP technology helps clients better familiar and communicate
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Unformatted text preview: with the company, moreover, such innovation also greatly encourage company to have further innovation such PHP. From my prospective, the article relates the course in many ways, for example, Database and SQL as we just discussed in the lecture weeks ago, database is a self-describing collection of integrated records helps company in recording the information from the client and store all the stuff which client demanded into its database, then by using SQL ( the typical type of database management system by creating, processing, administering a database) to manage those information and communicate with those people appropriately and timely. In a nutshell, database and database management are disputable for the company’s operation and improvement....
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