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Errata Errata for Text March 7, 2011 Financial Accounting: A User Perspective, 6 th Canadian Edition Hoskin, Fizzell, Cherry 978-0-470-67660-8 Note from the publisher: While every effort was made by the publisher and proofreaders to make this an error-free text, some errors did come to our attention too late in the process to be corrected. The following is a list of corrections to the text you may wish to share with your students.
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter Page Reference (if applicable) Correction Required 1 30 Basic Accounting Equation (Rearranged) The correct equation is: Shareholders’ Equity = Asset – Liabilities (Net Assets) 7 492 7.14 The total units purchased during October are 16,800, not 17,300. 11 756 11-28 Total shareholders’ equity is $12,8 65 ,000, not $$12,8 56 ,000. 11 763 11-46e H&M’s share price is SEK 412.30, not 206.50....
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