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Americna presidency paper 1.

Americna presidency paper 1. - Obama and the Legislative...

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Obama and the Legislative Presidency Change, the main message that President Barack Obama has advocated and campaigned under has been present these past two years. It has helped to shape his presidency. Obama’s presidency has showed us the amount of legislative power a president is able to hold and exert. These past two years have brought back reminders of the LBJ presidency, being able to pass legislation by using all his personal strengths and skills, bringing change to the presidency. In lecture, Roger Porter introduced the three presidencies, the rhetorical presidency, the executive presidency, and the legislative president. Though the president must be able to use all three presidencies to successfully pass legislation, Obama has had the most success and his use of the legislative presidency. Roger Porter presented the theory of the three presidencies. There is the rhetorical presidency, which aims to advance the president’s policy goals by influence individuals, organizations, and government entities through the use of rhetoric. The executive presidency seeks policy through the means of administrative means. Finally the legislative presidency, which helps the president accomplish his policy goals through legislative means. Porter stated that all of these presidencies are needed to achieve the policy objectives. Yet with the case of Obama we have seen that he has exercised his legislative presidency powers more successfully, to be able to try to fulfill his duty as the president. When Obama ran for president he ran on the platform of bringing healthcare reform to the people and economic recovery. The United States had begun their immersion into an economic depression. Healthcare had been debated for the last few years. He promised to make a change in policy if elected. The people connected and believed in him. His charisma and oral skills also played a big role to his election. Having little professional reputation, but creating a
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positive public image also played a big role to his election. Yet, to be able to see how he has succeeded so far in his presidency the legislation he propose and helped pass needs to be analyzed. Obama’s campaign ran on the platform of passing healthcare and restoring our economy. His greatest efforts at reaching these goals are the legislation that he has passed through Congress(Clift, 2010). Obama has been successful in both of these matters. He managed to pass the Health Care Reform Bill; he also passed the Stimulus package. Both of these were consistent with what he promised. Bringing action and passing legislation. Health care reform passed with bipartisan votes. The economic package passed at a time greatly needed. Both of these legislations helped Obama advance in his policy agenda, and make his mark in the American presidency.
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Americna presidency paper 1. - Obama and the Legislative...

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