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Edwards Chap 8 - Angela Zhang November 30: Presidential...

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Angela Zhang November 30: Presidential Style and Character Edwards and Wayne, “Presidential Leadership, chapter 8, pp. 263-294. “Presidents are not robots” – a president’s values, understanding and view of their roles and task, and goals affect their leadership and decision-making in office It makes a difference who we elect for president A listing of important factors that affect a president’s leadership and decision-making preferences: - Physical health Our presidents haven’t all been healthy- at least 21 of our presidents have had significant illness or injuries during their time in office However, the health of the president makes a huge difference on presidential decision-making rapidity and quality in the White House - Psychological character Two types of studies on psychology: 1. Explanatory in nature—using psychological analysis of a president’s past to understand current behavior (“psychobiography”) 2. Prognostic in nature—connecting specific psychological orientations to types of presidential behavior (i.e. if you have x tendencies, you will be likely to made y decisions in office) James Barber – use personality to predict behavior --Three aspects of personality used (assumption is that they don’t change much after development)
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Edwards Chap 8 - Angela Zhang November 30: Presidential...

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