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Gov 1540 Lecture Notes

Gov 1540 Lecture Notes - Gov 1540 The American Presidency...

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Gov 1540: The American Presidency Lecture Notes September 2, 2010 Lecture #1 Six themes that relate to the presidency 1. Power a. Informal vs. formal b. How is it measured and what it is c. How do people seek it? d. Have presidents seen it increase or decrease? 2. Democracy a. How do the way we select them affect them? b. The way we select presidency affect their chances of success once in office 3. Idea of how one performs the job of managing or executing a large organization a. The biggest/most demanding job in the world b. Deal with the senate and other people that he doesn’t directly manage 4. How do presidents go about making decisions? a. The need to make informed decision on things that they are not experts on b. Decision making models 5. How do you decide what your goals and objectives are 6. How do you deal with the courts, interest groups, public, press, etc a. He need their support but they don’t work for him Class is lotteried (max is 150) and LOTTERY PAPER DUE ON TUESDAY’S CLASS. Tuesday evening there will be an email informing. Sectioning starts Tuesday evening. Expectations: Come to lectures Have read the readings before sections Midterm: in class 1hr 20min Final: 3 hrs mostly essay and some IDs (if you do readings and come to lectures/sections, tests shouldn’t be too bad) Two short papers: 5 pgs (one before each exam) 20-25 pg research paper instead of a final Origins and evolution Power Do we have an imperial presidency? How do they exercise power legislative? Thursday Guest speaker How they get elected, nominated, etc Executive branch Decision making models Economic and domestic policy MIDTERM His relationship w congress Mutual oversight w. congress President and the press President and the public Presidential character
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How do we evaluate what they do? Worked for president ford 2.5 yrs, Reagan 5 yrs, H.W Bush HILARIOUS + , Republican - What the presidency is really like? Binder with anticipated questions and suggested responses The rule of 3: IT’S HARD TO REMEMBER MORE THAN 3 THINGS PEOPLE PERFORM MUCH BETTER WHEN THEY ARE CONFIDENT THAN WHEN THEY ARE FEARFUL. There will be at least 3 big ideas in each topic that will be discussed HW: write three big ideas learned in each topic By the end there will be 75 big ideas that will be helpful in the course and life. 1. The presidency is inherently a personalized office- his is an office that is highly malleable and that the president is given a large scope to shape it the way he/she wants a. The president has the control of how the office will be organized and how he gets elected a.i. Single best campaigner is Bill Clinton. After graduating he only served in public offices 2. Mismatch b/w expectations and reality a. High expectations for the president b. They convince us during elections that their vision will become true. They are forced to do this because the overwinning confidence gets votes. But then hopes become high. Once in office reality sets in. progress and action need time and obstacles appear 3.
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