Second Treatise of GOvernment

Second Treatise of GOvernment - Locke proceeds to say that...

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Angie Morales Justice Section Second Treatise of Government In this section of Second Treatise of Government , Locke tells us that Sir Robert Filmer has been misguiding people. Filmer has said that people are allowed to do whatever they please. Yet according to Locke this is not beneficial for society, not having rules, or anyone to keep order would be detrimental for humanity. People would create a world with no limits or expectations for society, making our communities no better than a pack of beasts.
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Unformatted text preview: Locke proceeds to say that there are many types of powers one can hold. One of the possible the powers, is that of being a ruler. Another is being head of household, and lastly the administrative power. Locke finally states that political powers contain the right to make laws that will benefit the public good, yet they need to be agreed upon and executed by the community....
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