Sept 2- Amar- Angie

Sept 2- Amar- Angie - Americans Constitution: A Biography...

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Americans Constitution: A Biography Presidential Powers Article II - main context contains the rights and responsibilities of the president All power in one person Having one person makes it easier to hold them publicly accountable for their constitutional conclusion than the comparatively invisible members of the collective court The presidency is America's most personal office" Presidential oath resembles the Coronation oath Yet in the coronation, it is required to be administered by a bishop or archbishop, place your hand on an Anglican bible and then kiss the book In the presidential oath this is not required though presidents have chosen to add at the end "so help me God" The constitution has been referred to in most presidential Inaugural addresses Article II stated that the presidential can either be sworn to or affirmed With the English oath the monarch is to maintain the Protestant Religion that is established by law Whereas the president by pledging to defend the constitution, commits himself to oppose any attempt of federal statutory religious establishment Later made an implicit point with the First Amendment The presidents job is to execute the law Laws including the congressional enactments as well as the constitution itself Article II Salary Clause Art. II gives the president a fixed salary for the next four years Judicial salaries are also protected to protect from congressional tampering Law makers cant reduce their pay, but they can increase it Congress can try to temp judges by increasing pay Art. II prohibited individual states from bribing president "As the public good requires that the governor should not be
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Sept 2- Amar- Angie - Americans Constitution: A Biography...

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