September 2-George Washington-Angie

September 2-George Washington-Angie - Revolutionary...

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Revolutionary Characters "George Washington" George Washington ranked 7th on the greatest presidents. GW is seen more as a monument than a man Symbol and model of what president should be Parson Weems tried to humanize GW through his biography Did not succeed Continued to be unreal, unhuman that is the wording used in the article GW was "one of Plutarch's men" Was an anachronism Like Samuel Adams Belonged to the predemocratic, pre-egalitarian 18th century GW is seen as a traditional hero Not know for his knowledge Unlike Franklin He was also physically a hero Very tall considering the average height at his time Heavily built, athletic Graceful dancer Appealed to both men and women Not very intellectual Did not speak much Adams contemptuous of his intellectual abilities "That he was too illiterate, unlearned, unread for his station and reputation is equally past dispute" GW did admire learning Yet did not believe that being an intellectual was a "desirable education for a gentleman" He believed men should be more concerned with their social behavior, civility, and interaction with other people. Military exploits crucial to his popularity "hero of an unprecedented kind" What made him a "classical hero" was the way he carried himself His moral character set him apart from other men GW was the epitome of what a revolutionary leader should be Possessed self cultivated nobility Had high moral standards Stuck by his proper rules of behavior for liberal gentleman so earnestly that he awed his contemporaries GW did not attend college He refused to go to France because he was ashamed he did not know French. It is said his aides composed his best letters when he was commander in chief George Washington was criticizes for his obsession about his appearance to the world
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Seen as a kind of actor Trying to appease all around him Did not want to offend anyone Shaped himself to appeal to whoever he was with Deceit After the revolutionary war he went back to edit and correct his earlier writings George Washington seen by many as a great man His modesty was admired As was his ability to be a listener He freed all his slaves in his will
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September 2-George Washington-Angie - Revolutionary...

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