1stMidtermExam - Rationality A Friend or Foe Rationality...

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Rationality: A Friend or Foe? Rationality affects decisions and actions that states take. Being rational, they have goals for their state, goals that are stable and ordered. Rational states view their situation and make decisions by using all the information they hold and looking at all the possible outcomes and strategies. The view and method of rationality in decision making plays a major role in causing international conflict, the pursue for personal interest leads to states engaging in balance of power and alliances, these actions in turn many times lead to conflict. Rationality can cause to conflict when states are going after same goals. Conflicts arise when two or more actors disagree in their wants, needs, or both have the same goal and get in each other’s way. States use rationality to help shape their decisions. Rationality differs from state to state. A state by following their set goals is rational, and the persistence of reaching for that goal many times leads to conflict. Rationality of actors plays a major role in balance of power. The entering and participating in balance of power among nations is an action taken to secure self preservation. Realism used in rational theory tells us that nations want power or security. The search for power and security has long lead to conflict. When nations are all going for the same goal of gaining power they sometimes clash. We see this dispute throughout history. The use of balance of power is implemented to try to maintain a balance and keep nations safe from each other’s need for power. Nations use the theory of realism to try to gain power. Balance of power makes nations create a system in which no nation can hold all the power. This distribution of power is seen as a move made by nations to secure their own interest. Conflict arises when one nation tries to get too much power.
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This is clearly said by Waltz, “The gain of one side is considered to be the loss on the other” (203, Waltz). In these cases when a nation tries to gain more power, it is seen as
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1stMidtermExam - Rationality A Friend or Foe Rationality...

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