Systemic Circuit - -Systemic circuit- left side of heart,...

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-Systemic circuit- left side of heart, same amount of blood to systemic circuit as to pulmonary circuit- 5 times the pressure of PC. -Pulmonary circuit- low pressure- just blood to lung -Coronary circuit (considered part of the systemic circuit)- left and right coronary arteries (originated at aorta), circumflex artery- supplies blood to posterior side of heart Blood flow greatest when heart contracts- opposite for coronary circuit -contraction inhibits blood from passing through coronary arteries, when contracting, semi- lunar valves cover the origin of the coronary arteries -60,000 miles- length of all of the blood vessels in body Conducting (elastic ) arteries- largest arteries in body- walls are very elastic- expand when heart contracts- pressure that is created in walls (elastic recoil)- walls recoil and help push blood through vessels- smooth out big pressure changes Muscular arteries- much smaller- distribute blood to target, walls mainly smooth muscle (less elasticity)- vasoconstriction help maintain BP. Arterioles branch into capillaries (thinnest walled vessels)- capillary bed flows into venules small veins medium sized veins (within lumen, venous valves created, open when blood is flowing towards heart- unidirectional large veins (blood reservoir) walls are CT- expandable veins at anytime 50-60% of blood is stored in these veins- maintain BP Blood vessels generally have 3 layers or tunicas - turnica intima - squamous endothemilum – basel laminal- CT- subendothelium (internal elastic lamina)– elastic fibers - turnica media - smooth muscle, variable thickness, collagen and elastic fibers-don’t find fibroblasts-> extracellular matrix produced by smooth muscle cells, also produce a lot of protoglycans - layer of elastin fibers separate turnica media from turnic externa -turnica externa (adventesia)- fibrous loose connective tissue, collagen and elastin fiber, fibroblasts product ECM, macrophages, blood vessels that serve layers of these blood vessels, myleniated and unmyleniated
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Systemic Circuit - -Systemic circuit- left side of heart,...

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