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Digestive Notes on Board: PANCREAS ENZYMES Endopeptidases (Trypsinogen) Exopeptidases (Procarboxypeptidase) Lipase Amylase DNAse, RNAse LIVER FUNCTIONS Produces Plasma Proteins (Albumin, VLDLs, Fibrinogen) Stores Vitamins (K,A,D) Degrades Drugs/Toxins
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Unformatted text preview: • Metabolic Functions (Glucose-Glycogen/Glycolysis ; Fatty Acid Oxidation; Cholesterol Synthesis) • Exocrine Function (Bile Formation) Endocrine Function (t4 t3 ; Insulin/Glucagon Breakdown ; Produces GnRH ; Vitamin D-25 Hydroxycalciferol)...
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