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Reading Guide Questions for . . . Reddy, “The Conduit Metaphor” Disclaimer: The purpose of these “guide questions” is to direct your attention to particular parts of the reading assignments that are important within the context of C205. As with all other authors and concepts in this course, I assume that you easily can locate the resources that you need if you want to learn more about the author or about the ideas to which she or he refers (for example, by simply looking up unfamiliar concepts in a dictionary, encyclopedia, or reliable on-line database). I also assume that you realize that these “guide questions” documents are not intended to direct you to everything of value in the reading. You will need to be answer more than merely these specific questions to do well on the Final Exam, for example. Background: As with most of the readings in C205, I have tried to select those that really matter , those that have had important and profound impacts on the thinking of other thinkers. Reddy’s is one of
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Reading+Guide+_Reddy_ - Reading Guide Questions for . . ....

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