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CHRISTIANITY - • Crusades and external challenges 3...

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CHRISTIANITY 1. Jewish groups and Expectations of Messiah Review Ancient Israelite Religion Pharisees Sadducees Essences Zealots Life and teachings of Jesus Synoptic Gospels Gospel of John Acts of the Apostles Paul and Systemization Revelations and the second coming 2. Church and Empire Early persecutions of believers Constantine, end of persecutions, and establishment of “Christendom” Early monasticism Church councils (Nicea; Chalcedon; Constantinople) St. Augustine – original sin, predestination and grace, and the City of God Church in the Middle Ages Rise of the Papacy and Western Christianity Great schism of 1054 (Constantinople and Rome) St. Benedict and Monasticism St. Aquinas – faith and reason, sacraments, church and grace
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Unformatted text preview: • Crusades and external challenges 3. Reformation • Practice of Indulgences and teaching about Purgatory • Reformation under Luther • Authority of scripture vs. Church • Justification by faith vs. works and sacrament • Priesthood of all believers vs. priests as intermediaries • Reformation under Calvin • Divine sovereignty and predestination • Purity of worship vs. human traditions • Church as synodical vs. hierarchical 4. Christianity and the Modern world Internal and External Challenges and responses • Enlightenment rationalism • Secularism and Naturalism • Creation vs. Evolution (science vs. religion) • Liberal Christianity and Fundamentalism • Denominationalism and disunity...
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CHRISTIANITY - • Crusades and external challenges 3...

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