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Greetings Project - Nain Reddy

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Nain Reddy Greetings Project- Field Notes Julie Searcy Section# 1938 1 September 20 th , 2011 After a midnight jog with my friends Shaleen and Sindura; we sat on a bench across from the Hilton Garden on North College Avenue, watching the cars pass by, and listening to the music playing at Kilroy’s Sports Bar, when we noticed a dark blue car park in front of the Hilton. A thin American man, clearly intoxicated, wearing a pair of light blue jeans, a black polo t-shirt and white shoes walked towards us and initiated a conversation directed towards my friend Sindura saying “Hey, what’s good” and took a seat on the bench next to us. Hoping to not come across as being rude, she asked if he was waiting for someone, he pointed across the road to the dark blue car that we had earlier noticed and waved to his friend sitting in the driver’s seat. On seeing this gesture, his friend in the car called out to the intoxicated man talking to us and asked us if he was bothering us. As a parting note, “Alex” as his friend called him, told Sindura to “keep it
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Greetings Project - Nain Reddy

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