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C122 Interpersonal Communication Greetings Assignment Due: At the beginning of class 20 September Worth: 50 points (5% of your final grade) Requirements: You will hand in both jottings and fieldnotes. Jottings can be handwritten. Fieldnotes should be one to two pages long, typed double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12 point font with one inch margins. The Assignment This assignment allows you to practice your ethnographic observation skills. Find a public place such as a cafeteria or a busy place on campus where people are coming and going. Watch how people greet each other. Jot notes on interesting greetings, writing as much possible about them, including what people look like, what people say to each other, what their body language looks like, what tone of voice they use, and what you think the “social business” or ends of these interactions are. Once you get a feel for the rhythm and typical sequence of greetings in that area, choose one greeting to focus on. Observe it carefully and jot some notes about it. Greetings are often very brief. So after it finishes, continue to jot notes so that you record your observations in some detail. Finally, write up a “thick description” of your observations in the form of fieldnotes. It is useful to write these fieldnotes with these questions in mind: Can you develop an inventory of different types of greetings? Does a greeting tend to take a certain form? How does it progress? What can you tell about people’s relationship from the way
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6.1+greetings+assignment.doc - C122 Interpersonal...

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