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Nain Reddy [email protected] Ethnography Fieldnotes 1 Julie Searcy Section# 1938 October 15th, 2011 For my Ethnography project, I decided to explore the differing cultural views and opinions between Indians and Non-Indians. The two subjects I chose for my first recording were Priya Saluja, twenty one year old student at Indiana University who was born and raised in Dubai, UAE and Pooja Sawhney, twenty two year old student at Indiana University born and raised in New Delhi, India. I chose Priya Saluja to be a neutral subject; to compare the reactions and views of Indian’s and Non-Indian’s on the topic of casual relationships. However, in this comparison of opinions, it is also important to look at Priya’s views, as she is not an Indian brought up in India, but brought up with Indian values in a foreign country [also known as a non-residential Indian (NRI)] with other cultures impacting her opinions. We can expect Priya’s views to be less conservative as compared to Pooja’s however, more conservative as compared to an American; which I will look at in my second recording. In my first recording I was expecting to find a very reserved view from Pooja. I expected her to show outright disapproval to Priya’s actions. I will be looking at the first and the fifth principle from Bauman’s five principles, and “features of women’s
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Fieldnotes1 - Nain Reddy [email protected] Ethnography...

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