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Nain Reddy Ethnography Fieldnotes 2 Julie Searcy Section# 1938 November 15 th , 2011 For my ethnography project I chose to study the differing cultural views and use of language in conversation between Indians, Non residential Indians and Non- Indians. According to the first principle of Bauman’s five principles, communication and culture are interdependent. Communication was defined as “ ways in which information, ideas and attitudes pass among individuals, groups, nations and generations ” (Barnouw 1998, 1: xx). The focus of this project is to see the difference in cultural views, which are evident in conversation and the use of language. Do opinions, ideas, attitudes, information and views pass among individuals and change depending on the setting or the people present? Does the form of communication change when talking to different people? Although the differing cultural views and the patterns of female speech are the main focus of this ethnography project, individual upbringing and the external environment in which they have been brought up in play an important part in shaping
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Fieldnotes2 - Nain Reddy Ethnography...

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