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Nain Reddy [email protected] Ethnography Jottings 1 Julie Searcy Section# 1938 The two subjects I chose for my first recording were Priya Saluja, twenty one year old student at Indiana University who was born and raised in Dubai, UAE and Pooja Sawhney, twenty two year old student at Indiana University born and raised in New Delhi, India. I chose Priya Saluja to be a neutral subject; to compare the reactions and views of Indian’s and Non-Indian’s on the topic of casual relationships. The conversation I recorded took place in Pooja’s room when Priya came to her for some advice after a wild night of partying. I was an observer in this situation not having a contribution to the conversation. Priya needed advice on someone she met just the night before while being intoxicated at a common friend’s party. She had met a guy whose name is unknown to us and she had had an instant connection with. She had received an invitation to go to his house after the party but she could not accept, as she
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Jottings1 - Nain Reddy [email protected] Ethnography...

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