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A single currency like Euro when adopted in many nations of European Union is bound to have an effect on the foreign exchange. Multinationals get to benefit as much from the foreign exchange tariffs both on personal and business levels. The companies in the European nations accrue more profits especially from UK industries since foreign currencies to the tune of 1.5 billion pounds are involved in the transactions. On personal level individuals can buy and sell goods and travel to different places without currency conversions. Due to a single currency like Euro more trade is possible as differences in
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Unformatted text preview: exchange rates become minimal. The fluctuations are no more present in the currencies and companies’ expenses are reduced since they are no longer needed to buy foreign exchange. This in turn makes the Market of EU a thriving one on par with the markets of Japan and America. Flow of more investments will also be possible because a steady foreign exchange tariff reduces anxiety and provides ambience conducive for business attracting firms from outside Europe....
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