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Why is the allocation of the income tax expense figure between the members of a business combination important? By what methods can this allocation be made?" Taxable income is an income which is not exempted by any law of income tax and it comes under tax bracket and tax is paid for that income generated is known as taxable income. Computation of taxable income varies from country to country according to that taxable income is decided. Using the work-leisure framework to illustrate that if we hold the post-subsidy income of the recipients constant, or the size of the subsidy constant, a negative income tax will involve more adverse work incentives than a wage subsidy would identify so we can fix it up as a no
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Unformatted text preview: effect of the substitution on the work, work incentives provided then and the amount is reduced, whole income is used to buy only leisure. Wage subsidy is another form tax earning scheme by the government. Government has reduced rates for it several things like Government Reduced Welfare Benefit, Reduce the tax, while there is an increase in the wage rate but there is a changes in the change of the preferences portrayed. As it has been said tax reduced because the person can utilise and save its earning more and continue the work as it wants to do....
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