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FORM A FSHN 101: Introduction to Food Science and Human Nutrition Hour Exam III: Food Microbiology and Processing Fall Semester 2009, Friday, November 13, 2009 Description : This is an exam over what you have learned during the second section of the course. The results of this test will aid you in clarifying any points of difficulty and thus, help you complete the course successfully. Instructions : Please use the computer answer form provided to record your answers to the questions below. The multiple-choice questions should be answered using the first four bubbles per row (A, B, C and D). The True- False questions should be answered using the first two bubbles per row (A or B). Please use only a No. 2 pencil to record your answers and be certain to completely fill the bubble with the pencil mark. Each of the 40 questions is worth 2.5 points for a total of 100 points. A Multiple Choice 1 Which of the following is the packaging method that removes air from a package and replaces that air with a desired gas: A. modified atmosphere packaging. B. controlled atmosphere packaging. C. displacement packaging. D. vacuum packaging. 2 ________ , also known as cold pasteurization, is an example of a non-thermal processing method. A. freezing B. irradiation C. fermentation D. aseptic processing 3 The shelf-life of milk is extended by using which two food preservation methods? A. controlled atmosphere packaging and refrigeration B. pasteurization and refrigeration C. pasteurization and preservatives D. modified atmosphere packaging and refrigeration 4 If a food product is left out on the counter and contains 3 viable food infection type microorganism, how much time elapses before the food becomes unsafe for consumption? The average lag phase generation time is 70 minutes and the average log phase generation time is 20 minutes. Four generation times (48 microorganisms) are required for the system to switch from the lag to the log phase. For this particular microorganism, the number of microorganisms considered unsafe for consumption is 3,000. A. 350 minutes B. 400 minutes C. 200 minutes D. 234 minutes
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5 ________ requires the highest Aw, ________ is the smallest in size, ________ does not cause food infections, and _______ requires oxygen to grow. A. bacteria; bacteria; yeast; mold
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Exam (2) - FORM A FSHN 101: Introduction to Food Science...

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