Exam (4) - Name _ FORM A FSHN 101: Introduction to Food...

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FORM A FSHN 101: Introduction to Food Science and Human Nutrition Hour Exam 1: Introduction and Nutrition and Health Section Spring Semester 2010: Friday, February 12, 2010 Description : This is an exam over what you have learned during the first section of the course. The results of this test will aid you in clarifying any points of difficulty and thus, help you complete the course successfully. Instructions : Please use the computer answer form provided to record your answers to the questions below. The multiple-choice questions should be answered using the first four bubbles per row (A, B, C and D). The True- False questions should be answered using the first two bubbles per row (A or B). Please use only a No. 2 pencil to record your answers and be certain to completely fill the bubble with the pencil mark. Each of the 40 questions is worth 2.5 points for a total of 100 points. A Multiple Choice 1 Of the following statements regarding FSHN 101, which of the following is correct? A. MovieThemes are optional mini-quizzes that are posted throughout the semester. B. There are 10 required quizzes given throughout the semester. C. Each exam will be given its own individual curve. D. All students are required to take the final exam. 2 Which of the following is true regarding FSHN 101 assignments and/or extra credit opportunities: A. For every "MovieTheme" question correctly answered beyond 15, a student can earn 2 points of extra credit (for a maximum of 4 points of extra credit). B. A student could earn up to 20 points of extra credit for completing the in-class assignment that occurred on February 10, 2010. C. Both extra credit opportunities will occur during a regularly scheduled class time. D. If a student completes the in-class assignment on February 10, 2010, he/she is able to drop one quiz. 3 Although most consumers use _________ as their most important food selection criteria, the food industry will not manufacture, distribute and sell a food item if it is not _________. A. nutrition; safe B. convenience; nutritious C. taste; safe D. taste; nutritious 4 The RDA values were originally developed due to _________ concerns, however, the major concern in America today is _________. A. undernutrition; overnutrition
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Exam (4) - Name _ FORM A FSHN 101: Introduction to Food...

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