Exam (8) - Name ----------------- Net id ______________ _...

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Unformatted text preview: Name ----------------- Net id ______________ _ FORMA FSHN 101: Introduction to Food Science and Human Nutrition Hour Exam 1: Introduction and Nutrition and Health Section Spring Semester 2011: Friday, February 11,2011 Description: This is an exam over what you have learned during the first section of the course. The results of this test will aid you in clarifying any points of difficulty and thus, help you complete the course successfully. Instructions: Please use the computer answer form provided to record your answers to the questions below. The multiple-choice questions should be answered using the first four bubbles per row (A, B, C and D). The True- False questions should be answered using the first two bubbles per row (A - True or B - False). Please use only a No.2 pencil to record your answers and be certain to completely fill the bubble with the pencil mark. Each of the 40 questions is worth 2.5 points for a total of 100 points. ! A. Multi Ie Choice 11 Ofthe following statements regarding FSHN 101 exams, which of the following is correct? 2 I • 3 A. The final exam is required for all students. FiA/PI- I ~ o(-)t-iC(\A '- ® E' e 00 o' t exams are administ~l"ed [email protected] tl'ie s-ernest r, out onl): ffie on four exam scores will count towards a sruClent's semester p:oint total. C. Each exam will be given its own individual curve. c.urve. i" @eC\:.\ 09- S~e.S.'te.." D. Make-up exams are available to all students that would like one. 1'0 mct~- ~S Wbich of the following is true regarding FSHN 101 assignments and/or extra credit opportunities: A. Each student c~n drop his/her lowest quiz score. Cl. \ \ qui ~ S::oc-e S Q~ CQ\...)\'~ B. A student could earn up to 20 points of extra credit for completing the in-qlass assignment that occurred on February 9,2011. ASSigli01eo\- is NO+ ex+rA c.("e.O\~ © ifli.ere will be two 10-point extra c-redit-o rtunities this semester - one will De offer during section II d one ill e ffi~ ucing se~tio:n::IY . D. Attending class on Wednesday, February 16,2011 to complete the first part ofthe food safety assignment is optional. No\- ophoOA l In America, our food is safer, more plentiful and more varied than ever before. The following are important priorities oftoday's US food industry, except: ~r; h es :: A. - +A~re - Nu'r-rihon -Co(\Ve..rH eJ')c..,e. - "'ri Ce.. - ~ Pr+'e -r"" ..., - t~'rI. \ rH"'Q \JR+\Qn -m\(,\m\~~ adve. rse enV i r"On rt)e t7ta L. f ropa c...+ 4 5 Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding how early humans obtained their food: A. Communities were nomadic due to the fact that they had to move in seasonal rounds in order to obtain different foods as they became abundant.-r~ uf, B. Food was obtained through hunting and gathering practices:,·r~\JE....
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Exam (8) - Name ----------------- Net id ______________ _...

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