Exam (11) - Name Net id FORM A FSHN 101 Introduction to...

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Name ____________________ Net id ____________________ FORM A FSHN 101: Introduction to Food Science and Human Nutrition Hour Exam 1: Introduction and Nutrition and Health Section Fall Semester 2011: Friday, September 16, 2011 Description : This is an exam over what you have learned during the first section of the course. The results of this test will aid you in clarifying any points of difficulty and thus, help you complete the course successfully. Instructions : Please use the computer answer form provided to record your answers to the questions below. The multiple-choice questions should be answered using the first four bubbles per row (A, B, C and D). The True- False questions should be answered using the first two bubbles per row (A - True or B - False). Please use only a No. 2 pencil to record your answers and be certain to completely fill the bubble with the pencil mark. Each of the 40 questions is worth 2.5 points for a total of 100 points. A Multiple Choice 1 Of the following statements regarding FSHN 101 exams, which of the following is CORRECT? A. The final exam is required for all students. B. Five 100 point exams are administered throughout the semester, but only the top four exam scores will count towards a student’s semester point total. C. Each exam will be given its own individual curve. D. Make-up exams are available to all students that would like one. 2 Which of the following is TRUE regarding FSHN 101 assignments and/or extra credit opportunities: A. Each student can drop his/her lowest quiz score. B. A student could earn up to 20 points of extra credit for completing the in-class assignment that occurred on September 14, 2011. C. There will be two 10-point extra credit opportunities this. D. Pre-tests given at the start of every section are optional. 3 As discussed in class, which of the following did not help influence the evolution of the food industry during the 20 th century: A. Rural to urban population shift B. Shift to processed food consumption and eating outside the home C. The development and accessibility of the personal computer D. The influence of the media
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4 All of the following resulted due to the development of agricultural practices by humans except: A. humans gained control of the food supply B. towns and cities were developed C. less time per person was required to grow and obtain food D. humans were required to move in seasonal rounds to exploit different foods as they became abundant 5 With regard to nutrient and caloric intake, which of the following states of nutritional health represent the biggest challenge for the US today? A.
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Exam (11) - Name Net id FORM A FSHN 101 Introduction to...

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