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Nburns-NS220-section1-Unit2 Project - 1 c water 1 c Tea 70...

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Natasha Burns Week 2 Project Sample menu for a 23 year old pregnant Asian woman Breakfast Lunch Dinner ½ Banana ½ c Cabbage ½ c Broccoli 1 c milk 1 c rice 3oz shrimp 1 Roti 1 slice fresh pears 1c Udon noodles 1 egg 1c yogurt 1 serving fresh pineapples
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Unformatted text preview: 1 c water 1 c Tea 70 year old Orthodox Jewish Male Breakfast Lunch Dinner 1 Bagel 1c Lokshen Noodles 3oz Gifilte fish ½ Grapefruit 3 oz Gebrantenes Israeli Salad Pancakes 1/2c Grapes 1c Rice 1c Orange Juice 1c Water Tea...
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