wk 1 dq - Hello all My name is Natasha Burns-I currently...

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Hello all! My name is Natasha Burns-I currently reside in Columbia, SC and this is my last year at Kaplan. I am majoring in Public Health, and after graduation I plan to attend either the University of South Carolina or University of Florida to obtain my Master’s in Epidemiology. The color of my favorite song is Purple. .simply because my favorite song is “Purple Rain”. It’s really hard to think of another color to fit with that song-I guess the song title pretty much has pre-determined that for me! Best of luck to everyone in the class! Is there too much, too little or just the right amount of information on the nutrition facts label? What, if any changes would you like to see made to the nutrition facts label? I feel that the amount of food labeling is adequate. Because of the information that is required on nutrition labels it is better for persons who may have chronic diseases to know what foods they may need to avoid or for those who are trying to control their weight-knowing the serving size and amount of calories in the foods is helpful. Because eating the wrong foods can be detrimental to a person’s health (causing obesity of exacerbating certain conditions-such as food allergies), I think that the way the labels are presented are already cohesive enough to give
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wk 1 dq - Hello all My name is Natasha Burns-I currently...

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