week2 dq - What role does feelings attitudes conditioning...

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What role does feelings, attitudes, conditioning and economics play in your food choices? For my purposes I have been diagnosed with MS as well as few other conditions (Bi- polar, PTSD, and Crohns), so because of the heavy medications that I have to take on a daily basis, I have to be sure that I eat as healthy as possible. I was not always conscious about what I needed to eat, although I was always raised on healthy home cooked meals. We rarely ever ate out, except when I would go visit my grandparents and they would treat the whole family to dinner at Ryan’s or Golden Corral. I was a vegetarian for almost seven years (until I met my fiancé) and now I only eat seafood as my meat (although I may have an occasional burger-which only occurs when I am stressed). Not only do I have to shop healthy for myself, but I also have a very high strung 3 year old, that I have to be sure that I feed the proper foods so that he does not drive us and his teachers crazy. My 7 year old eats healthy because she takes ballet 3 days a week, voice lessons, and does pageants. So she made the choice herself to only drink water and to avoid fast food places. I am very pleased that my son (3) has never had any food from McDonald’s and that my daughter and I have not eaten there in 5 years. It’s very difficult because of how expensive eating healthy can be to always maintain the right amount of foods in our household. Buying natural and healthy foods is very expensive and sometimes can be a burden financially, because of the special diet that I have to be on. As I stated earlier I do eat unhealthy when I am stressed. I think for a lot of people who have various conditions when you get sick it is difficult to maintain your healthy eating lifestyle. Sometimes when I have a flair up (or breakdown), it is easier for me to run to Chick-fil-A to grab dinner for my family then cooking a meal. Currently I am a teacher and of course the foods that are served at school are all healthy. There is a 4 year old in class who has already been diagnosed as being overweight and has high blood pressure. When he comes in he eats breakfast (even though his parents admittedly take him to Burger King every morning) and he refuses to eat any vegetables or most of the food for lunch. I have tried repeatedly to talk to the parent about having him eat healthier foods and not
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week2 dq - What role does feelings attitudes conditioning...

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