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0 The First Americans

0 The First Americans - The First"Americans Climate circa...

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The First “Americans” Climate circa 20,000 years ago: Huge glaciers up to a mile thick extend south to Illinois/Ohio and covered much of western Canada Oceans dropped hundreds of feet below current levels – receding waters created land bridge Much of the far North remains free of glaciers – through this tundra region people pursue game Megafauna (giant mammals) such as mammoths, mastodons First reached North America about 15,000 to 20,000 years ago Migrations took place over a long period of time Involved small, independent bands of highly nomadic people Small migrating groups stopped hosting a number of communicative diseases (smallpox, measles), thus Native American populations had no major epidemics – reason thought to be b/c physical isolation Resulted in loss of immunity to such diseases, which set up downfall during European exploration Dislocations resulting from war and famine increase susceptibility to disease Climate changes circe 12,000 years ago Global warming substantially reduces glaciers
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  • Native Americans in the United States, Large ceremonial mounds, European exploration Dislocations, tundra region people

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