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Notes – 3 Consequences of Civil War: 1. Death of large numbers of men a. US civil war = bloodiest war b. Deaths also especially due to minor wounds and infectious diseases c. Absence of young men after war which caused the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) to control US Politics d. “Waving the Bloody Shirt” was a maneuver they used to gain votes. It simply references the idea that the South and Democrats caused the death of Lincoln and they should not be elected 2. Radical changes in the U.S. economy a. Technology increases cause more commercial jobs (especially agricultural jobs) b. Consequences of Northern victory: b.i. 1862 Railway to California – Republicans wanted it to run through northern US so that they could help spread their goods to the rest of the US while Democrats wanted it to run through south. Republicans won the war and the choice of railway route b.ii. 1862 Morrill Land Grant Act – took land and found public institutions (i.e.
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Unformatted text preview: NCSU) b.iii. 1862 Homestead Act – 168 acres to Americans who will go West; this opens up the West c. Effects of Southern Loss c.i. Destruction of slavery (main property) c.ii. End of yeoman farming (independent and subsistence farming) 3. Freedmen a. Freed slaves under the 14 th amendment, causing drastic changes in lifestyles and beliefs of everyone Reconstruction (bringing states back into the Union): 1. Presidential reconstruction a. Military occupation under Lincoln b. Andrew Johnson wanted to be lenient on South 2. Congressional reconstruction a. Accepting 13 th (destroyed slavery), 14 th (declares blacks can vote), and 15 th (right to vote reinforced) amendments b. 1866 Civil Rights Act – Congress may send in troops to uphold the Amendments 3. End of reconstruction a. 1877 – no more federal troops there so white supremacists take over...
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