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01_17_2008[1] - 158 million acres was given to the railroad...

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Notes Important: Use quotes in responses for good grades Key Question: How was the West like the South in the aftermath of the Civil War? Sharecropping Form of cropping where landholder gives land to sharecroppers who then grow crops (usually cotton) and then they split profits from crops down the middle Usually cheated sharecropper because price of living was subtracted from share of profit Is not a form of slavery though, since it provides some the opportunity for advancement The West West was difficult to settle and farmland hard to farm (hardly any rain in growing season) 1. Needed irrigation which was difficult West is land of the U.S. government with free labor migration West is mostly urban (city environments) Homestead Act (1862) – 160 acres to each citizen for: 1. $10 fee 2. Work on land and improves it From 1862 to 1900 there were 600,000 homestead claims in 80 million acres.
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Unformatted text preview: 158 million acres was given to the railroad for construction. Dummy – accepted a small payment to claim homestead and then sell it to business 1/9 acre belong to settlers and 2/3 rd s of settlers failed Railroad Enabling Act of 1860 – there was tension between railroad and individual for land so congress passed a bill making land look as follows along the railroad: **Midterm Possibilities: Urbanization, Immigration, Migration, and Industrialization of government powers 1870 to 1900 – 2.5 million “native Americans” were born in U.S.; 2 million foreign born people use homestead act; 200k Chinese; 100k Mexicans South versus West • Similarities o Sharecropping versus settlers – not a great chance for success o Violence against Indians and blacks • Differences o Land availability o Foreign immigrants...
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01_17_2008[1] - 158 million acres was given to the railroad...

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