01_24_2008[1] - Industrial Work in the U.S • 1865 –...

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Notes Fifth way to look at Bison 5. Buffalo Bill a. Buffalo hunter for railroad who hunts buffalo to feed the workers b. He grows a distinct mustache and goes to the East to become an entertainer c. During a show, he receives news that Colonel Custer has been killed at the battle of Little Bighorn so he immediately goes West to fight the Indians d. Wears Mexican pants and upon the first Indian he arrives at, immediately scalps him and returns East e. During shows he proclaims that he was wearing the same pants and holds up Indian’s hair f. Gains popularity and runs his show for 30 years Riis – Tenements Poor sanitation – air and light Disease, packed, similar to projects (but projects are obviously much better off), and they suffer from poverty and crime What is Riis suggesting to be done? “Muckraking”
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Unformatted text preview: Industrial Work in the U.S. • 1865 – 1914 (Civil War – WWI) o Everyone is transformed (society itself) o Small towns single nation o Nation of small farmers nation of wage-workers Census Agricultural Workers Living in Towns with Population > 2500 1870 53% 1900 37% 1860 20% 1900 40% 1880 – 2/3 rd ’s of Americans worked for wages Production Methods • Workshops – up to 1850s, most production (shoes, etc.) was done at home and in small workshops o Master – controls everyone else and knows how to work o Journeyman – makes stuff o Apprentice – learns how to makes stuff • Shifted to workers performing menial tasks (requiring no skills) • Factories o Assembly Lines o Deskilling o Scientific Management Monopoly – controls one entire industry...
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01_24_2008[1] - Industrial Work in the U.S • 1865 –...

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