02_26[1] - Notes Passing by Nella Larsen Nella Larsen Was a...

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Notes Passing by Nella Larsen Nella Larsen Was a mixed race African-American woman who could ‘pass’ for white in the north Decided to go to an African-American nursing school o She chooses to this could have ‘passed’ for white in a white nursing school o This is because she identifies with African-Americans the most Married an African-American doctor and lives a middle class life because of this She is very light skinned but defines herself as an African-American She also chooses to live in Harlem (an African-American community she also chooses this due to identification) Irene Redfield (central character) Grows up as a middle-class African American who can ‘pass’ for white and marries a doctor (Brian Redfield), living a middle-class life because of this Believes that to ‘pass’ you are lying or are ‘trespassing’ Because she identifies and grows with the African-American community, she gains a sense of community When we first meet Irene, she is served by an African-American on a roof when she is getting tea not a happy experience for her Was childhood friends with Claire Kendry Bellew Claire Kendry Bellew Childhood friends with Irene Redfield Claire can ‘pass’ for white due to her light skin She grew up with white aunts (her father died father was white) and her aunts do not treat her as a niece Due to this, she grows up without a sense of community Married to racist white, John Bellew Brian Redfield Middle-class African-American doctor married to Irene Redfield His largest dispute with Irene is that he wants to go to Brazil but Irene desperately does not
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02_26[1] - Notes Passing by Nella Larsen Nella Larsen Was a...

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