02_28[1] - Notes Progressives (continued) Doubled-Edged...

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Notes Progressives (continued) Doubled-Edged Sword of Progressives Positive o The progressives believed in the possibility for humans to change and the ability to change society Negative o They were willing to define public good for all o That is, they were willing to ignore the voices of minorities to get things done in this nation Capitalism goes hand in hand with progressivism because it is willing to push aside the minorities in order to achieve its goals (ignore minority opinion) Contraceptives and Sanger (continued) Sanger Sanger eventually wins and most states allow contraceptives Sanger was largely condescending against the lower class o Fit women should have children o Unfit women shouldn’t have children Progressives Want sterilization of poor and “unfit” NC and California create a Eugenics board o Eugenics board forces people to be sterilized World War I War American vision of war (through Progressive lens) is to “police the world” o This is evident in the invasion of the Phillipines which was not only to gain land but to also help the “godless” Filipinos This policing was justified by an objective purpose of peace worldwide U.S. Involvement U.S. entered war for progressive reasons 1898 U.S. becomes a world power (signified by it having colonies Cuba, Philippines, Peurto Rico, etc.) Progressives had two kinds of notions about what kinds of nations there were
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02_28[1] - Notes Progressives (continued) Doubled-Edged...

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