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09-24-09 Papers: don’t use am, is, are, was, or were ( weak ) Bradshaw article: trees gone by 1880s (but furniture industry goes on for 50 years – how?) Second Eassy due October 10 th  (can make meeting with Dr. D to edit though) Osborn article o Only UP gov o Owners of industry = “bloodsuckers) o Progressive reformer o Need strong leader who is incorruptible McMillan symbolizes 19 th  century Republicans Gilded Age Michigan: transition to industry The Republican Era o Loyalty: MI farmers (party act), businesses (high protective tariff), GOP (attracted best candidates), workingmen 
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Unformatted text preview: (tariff keeps them employed), protestant denomination (remained Republicans), claimed the mantle of the “Party of the Union” o Accused of “waving the bloody shirt” (Democrats = Confederates, traitors, etc) o Intra-party strife Gov 1865-1990 (except 92) Reappointment: gerrymandering Fight over money issue: rural wanted soft money, urban wanted hard money Prohibition (1855 passes and 1875 repeals) Business regulation Geographic split (UP/LP) o Leadership Zachariah Candler...
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