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10 Questions About the Civil War[1]

10 Questions About the Civil War[1] - This battle was the...

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10 Questions About the Civil War: The bloodiest one day battle in American history is? Antietem Another name for the Battle of Bull Run is? Manassas Robert E Lee surrendered the southern army to which northern general? U.S. Grant Who won at the battle of Shenandoah? Confederates Stonewall Jackson "stood" at which battle? Shenandoah. What was the first real battle of the Civil War? Battle of Bull Run
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Unformatted text preview: This battle was the bloodiest battle of the Civil War and was the turning point of the war. Battle of Gettysburg This battle humiliated the Union and destroyed plans for capturing Richmond Battle of Fredricksburg US Grant replaced which previously slow footed Northern general? McClellan Who was the president of the Confederacy? Jefferson Davis...
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