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1 Reconstruction and the New South[1]

1 Reconstruction and the New South[1] - Reconstruction and...

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Reconstruction and the “New South” I. Reconstruction Policies a. Presidential b. Radical Reconstruction II. Redeeming the “New South” a. Jim Crow III. Economy of the New South Key Terms: Black codes Freedmen’s Bureau Plessy v. Ferguson I. Reconstruction Policies The reconstruction comes after the Civil War between the North (Union) and South (Confederacy). It was fought between Americans and most of the fighting took place in the U.S. Over 600,000 Americans were killed in the war. There needed to be a reconstruction to put it back together, all of the southern states needed to return to the union. Some people thought that the south should suffer from losing the war, but others said they can’t punish them but should make them feel welcome and better so they’ll rejoin the Union. a. Presidential President Lincoln began the reconstruction. He said 1) when 1/10 of the votes in any state took a loyalty oath, they could write a new constitution and rejoin the Union and 2) they had to end slavery (since 1862s emancipation proclamation, slavery was bound to end soon so it was anticipated). It was a very lenient plan and because of that, many states rushed to rejoin the union and took advantage of the leniency. Lincoln (moderate republican) began to hear disagreements from radical republicans who wanted the sound to be punished. They felt as though more than 10 percent should take a loyalty oath. The radical republicans also wanted the black man to have the right to vote, not just wealthy white land owners. They proposed limiting the rights of exconferderate leaders (officers, government position holders)
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Radicals said: More than 10 percent vote, blacks vote, prevent exconfederates from holding office Rights in the middle of reconstruction (April 1865) Lincoln was assassinated. Andrew Johnson was vice president to take the presidency. HE was very
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1 Reconstruction and the New South[1] - Reconstruction and...

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