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1 reconstruction[1]

1 reconstruction[1] - Punishing or Pampering the South...

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2/21/12 Punishing or Pampering the South?: Presidential and Radical Reconstruction What does freedom mean? o Right to citizenship, vote, land South didn’t want any of it “With malice towards none” – Lincoln and Presidential Reconstruction o 10% loyalty - Loyalty oath – proclamation that there will never again be slavery – amnesty for the southern states o Lincoln was actually moderate – slightly racist o Anti-slavery but not an abolitionist America 1865 o Small population, rural, civil war just finished, damaged by war Slave rebellion could have happened but didn’t – relatively peaceful Andrew Johnson and Presidential Reconstruction o Became president after Lincoln assassinated o Southerner, arrogant, obnoxious, only anti-slavery because it helped out the people that he hated – rich, cotton planters o Radical republicans wary of Johnson o The radical republicans – Charles Summer and Thaddeus Stevens Black codes – reinstate as closely as possible conditions of slavery without calling
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