03_11 wwi[1] - World War I US Involvement as a `Neutral'...

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World War I US Involvement as a ‘Neutral’ Country WWI was a consequence of the imperial struggle of the European powers The US supplies both sides until the Germans largely begin to destroy any and every ship supplying the Allies – ones with US civilians on them enrage the US o The Lusitania is sunk and 128 Americans die The US are actually involved through these actions but do not publicly admit it Herbert Hoover talks bad about the Germans – gives them a negative image US intercepts the Zimmerman telegram on its way to Mexico o This telegram told Mexico to side with the Axis and angers US Three Possible Reasons the US Entered WWI 1. Economic Considerations a. Supplies sent better US economy b. US banks lent money to Allies (France and England particularly) so the banks wanted Allies to win 2. Cultural Considerations a. The British bought ad space in US papers to print propaganda talking bad about the US b. There is already much US bigotry towards immigrants and many of these immigrants are German The British say they are ‘invading’ the US through immigration 3. Political Considerations a. The US is an empire technically (has colonies in the Philippines, etc.) b. German expansion in the Pacific threatens the US colonies there (particularly the Philippines) and US also sees their colonies there as valuable
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03_11 wwi[1] - World War I US Involvement as a `Neutral'...

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