03_20 gd and fdr _ nd[1]

03_20 gd and fdr _ nd[1] - Notes Great Depression Americans...

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Unformatted text preview: Notes Great Depression Americans Response to the Great Depression • Americans blamed themselves for not being able to find work o Very common in early years – shown in the suicide rate and depression rate Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) and the New Deal Introduction • 1932 – Americans wanted change • FDR is the democratic nominee (currently the governor of NY) • Roosevelt gets polio in late 20’s o Prior to this, he was a very athletic figure shifted to more intellectual o Contrasted to his brother who went from nerd to safari type of guy o Because of this, he was wheel chaired • In his inaugural address, FDR pledges to carry through with the new deal • FDR won in a landslide (almost every single state) • Democrats take the President AND Congress in 1932 (tons of power) “Fireside Chats” • Gave the impression to Americans that Roosevelt was sitting by his fire talking to Americans personally through the radio (he would be relaxing and they’re friends) • In his address, FDR declares a ‘war on the great depression’ • He also says he’ll assume higher powers if need be (something never done before) • During his first week in the white house, FDR received 450,000 letters • For the rest of his presidency, he received 7,000 per day • Americans relate to FDR as a friend First New Deal...
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03_20 gd and fdr _ nd[1] - Notes Great Depression Americans...

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