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04_01 wwii[1] - • 1941 US repealed the neutrality acts o...

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Notes About Research Papers How to do a footnote citation: o 1. Matthew Booker, Edible Moon . (San Francisco: Booker Books, 2008), 3. Subsequent citations from same book: o 14. Booker, Edible Moon , 336. At top of paper: o Name Date HI 252Q – 009 Edible Moon: Fact or Fiction? World War II 1940: Great Britain is out of troops Germany has no other enemies aside from Britain FDR’s Plan for War FDR knew we had to go to war and had to find a way to convince the American people that war was unavoidable (public opinion of the war was to stay out) 1940: FDR runs for a third term (unprecedented) and wins by only 5 million votes In a fireside chat, FDR says he has been drafted to be the president no other choice o He begins the draft for WWII, with 1 million men FDR says, “we must become an arsenal of Democracy”
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Unformatted text preview: • 1941: US repealed the neutrality acts o US gives Great Britain the “lend-lease” policy (i.e., we give them war materials, they gives us bases) o These bases were in the Caribbean, other British colonies, and even on Great Britain • January 1941: FDR’s Inaugural Address o “Four Freedoms” – discussed four main things Speech is “free” Want freedom from “want” Freedom of “religion” Freedom from “fear” • 1940: spends $2 billion dollars overall • 1941: spends $20 billion from deficit (radical – FDR was a fiscal conservative) o This large spending means that the great depression is over • FDR requires a minimum wage and equal opportunities for blacks...
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