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04_08 wwii _ cold war[1] - Notes WWII Americans in World...

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Notes WWII Americans in World War II Every single American had a stake in WWII it was impossible to ignore Consumer life was affected by recycling / rationing requirements Job availability was also very low White immigrants were a prominent force in the army African-Americans were segregated in the armed forces often were denied entry at all o Example: Malcolm X whites feared supplying him with weapons Japanese-Americans were sent to intern camps or to fight in the European theater American Fighting Strategy US produces all of the manufacturing materials for the Allied power supply the armies USSR fights most of the war Germans and Italians attack them with 4 million troops Battle of Stalingrad – one of the most important battles of the war o Axis powers went East (France and UK were weak) take Stalingrad o Was the turning point in the European theater USSR retaking Stalingrad (destroyed Axis troops and showed shift in direction) US, meanwhile o Goes to North Africa reclaims French colonies o Goes to Italy takes over Italy (was easy since most of army was outside of Italy) American Fighting Strategy’s Effect on Life Back Home Americans were largely the suppliers of war materials in the Allied forces (USSR did most of the fighting) Due to their huge manufacturing presence in WWII, America became the greatest industrial nation in the world emerges as greatest nation (superpower – other nations economies went down the drain) The US government invests heavily in manufacturing for war materials Beginnings of the Cold War in WWII Stalin accuses the US of being weak because they’re only attacking the fringes of the Axis occupied areas o He says the US should go for the heart (Germany) and they could, but don’t want to
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04_08 wwii _ cold war[1] - Notes WWII Americans in World...

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