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09-08-09 - • 1650s-1660s priests viewed as manitous o...

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09-08-09 Conflict o King Phillip’s War: Puritan settlers pushed Iroquois and other tribes out of NE o Iroquois push Hurons out of Canada French become co-creators of new land (fragmentation theme) Fur trade: driving force Cadillac’s Policy o Doled out land to habitants o Ribbon farms (50 men) o Original base Griswold and Cadillac Square o Detroit oldest continually inhabited site in MI Algonquian peoples reform with French and each other
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Unformatted text preview: • 1650s-1660s priests viewed as manitous o Jesuits declined credit for fish and crops o Jesus part of hierarchy: when fish failed Christianity failed • French made alliance to defeat Iroquois • Algonquians were pushed into refugee centers on the GL • French and Indian War – French lose • Land previously of the French now British • Disallow settlers to go onto the land west of App Mts...
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