09-08-09 - 1650s-1660s priests viewed as manitous o Jesuits...

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09-08-09 Conflict o King Phillip’s War: Puritan settlers pushed Iroquois and other tribes out of NE o Iroquois push Hurons out of Canada French become co-creators of new land (fragmentation theme) Fur trade: driving force Cadillac’s Policy o Doled out land to habitants o Ribbon farms (50 men) o Original base Griswold and Cadillac Square o Detroit oldest continually inhabited site in MI Algonquian peoples reform with French and each other
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Unformatted text preview: 1650s-1660s priests viewed as manitous o Jesuits declined credit for fish and crops o Jesus part of hierarchy: when fish failed Christianity failed French made alliance to defeat Iroquois Algonquians were pushed into refugee centers on the GL French and Indian War French lose Land previously of the French now British Disallow settlers to go onto the land west of App Mts...
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