0 final 1 - 0 Final 1 1 How did the electoral college and...

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0 Final 1 1. How did the electoral college and changing senate rules from the constitutional convention into the 1940s work in the changing ways over time to guarantee the South would have the freedom to treat blacks as it wished? (Hough page 15-16) a. The founding fathers created the Electoral College to prevent a direct presidential election , which would be unacceptable to the South. a.i. The 3/5 rule gave the South more votes in the Electoral College for its nonvoting slaves a.ii. Because the slaves could not vote, direct representation would have hurt Southern interests b. Institutional checks and balances of the constitutional convention were designed to give the South a veto on domestic policy b.i. The great unspoken decision of the Convention was to maintain an equal number of slave and nonslave states b.i.1. Two senators per state thus gave the South the same number of senators as the North b.i.2. The founders expected the Vice President and the President to be from different sections b.i.2.a. Each was given veto b.ii. Therefore the South could veto appointees, domestic policies, and presidential runoffs b.iii. This gave the South autonomy in its domestic concerns c. There was no centralized national armies, only state militias, in order to prevent Northern aggression c.i. Had there been a strong national army, secession would not have spread to the border states d. Even after the Civil War, the South was allowed autonomy to treat blacks however they wished using the language of “states’ rights” d.i. The winner-take-all system made certain that the South would not lose its power over blacks d.i.1. Population of blacks gave the South more electoral college votes d.i.2. But the winner take all system made it impossible for black votes to win a plurality
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d.i.3. Northerners abandoned the South because they could not gain electoral
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0 final 1 - 0 Final 1 1 How did the electoral college and...

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